Fire Song (Song Series) Catherine Coulter

ISBN: 9781101190746

Published: September 2nd 2002


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Fire Song (Song Series)  by  Catherine Coulter

Fire Song (Song Series) by Catherine Coulter
September 2nd 2002 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 0 pages | ISBN: 9781101190746 | 10.62 Mb,this was a horible cheating book with a cruel hero that I wanted to clobber with a pan.But on the other hand the author did a very realistic thing in this piece, that I just have to appraise:The hero gets a evil maid pregnant.The evil maid is not pregnant with somebody else. The hero is not going to marry the evil maid.

The hero will not keep the child. The hero will not get mushy over the bastard. The heroine will not be a goody gooder and keep his bastard. Then what will they doooo,oh what will they do??Because really, authors never write anything other then one of these scenarios!This author does. Her hero may be a a moron asshat, but he acts like he should for the time frame and for his position as a warrior and lord. And what does he do here? He get a peasant, gives him some money and gets him to marry the evil maid and take off in to the sunset with her and the child.

Easy peasy. And historically correct.

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