Caribbean & Philippine Jombies Invade North America Andrew Patrick Edwards

ISBN: 9781460247501

Published: December 11th 2014


176 pages


Caribbean & Philippine Jombies Invade North America  by  Andrew Patrick Edwards

Caribbean & Philippine Jombies Invade North America by Andrew Patrick Edwards
December 11th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 176 pages | ISBN: 9781460247501 | 10.75 Mb

For centuries, mankind has experienced and had the tenacity to survive tremendous natural disasters. He has endured battles, against his own kind- however, a new battle that will challenge all beliefs is on the horizon. Elders in the Philippines and the Caribbean have been telling folklore stories of evil mythical characters for generations. These viscous characters emerge under the cover of darkness and wreak havoc in these tropical countries.

People of the Americas have been skeptical of their existence, laughing at those who believed. August 1st, 2025 everything changed. They are not laughing anymore. People must now pray, or be preyed upon by creatures such as the: Lajabless, Soucouyant, Lagahoo, Dwen, Jacakalantan Aswang, Mananangal, TicTic, Tyanak, WakWak, Ghouls, Rolling Calf, Duppies, Ol Higes, River Mumma, Bacoo, Choorile, Ole Higue, and the Massacooramaan.

North Americans are at risk. They rely on a security system that is based on rational and tangible situations. They are not equipped to deal with what appears to be random irrational attacks. Officials are baffled by this strange phenomenon. Be wary of dark places. Do not walk alone. Something sinister lurks in the shadow.

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