Kader Kapısı Agatha Christie


Published: 2009


256 pages


Kader Kapısı  by  Agatha Christie

Kader Kapısı by Agatha Christie
2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 256 pages | ISBN: | 6.68 Mb

People seem to really dislike this one, but if you go into it understanding it is the last of the books she wrote during the period where her mental faculties were failing, when she was writing things like Elephants Can Remember, it really isnt completely horrible. Tommy and Tuppence are elderly in this story, and much of the banter centers around not being able to remember things - you can tell this was a preoccupation with Christie. Interesting enough as a story though it links a little with Passenger to Frankfurt, a book I feel deserves the reputation for Christies Worst Book which this book has received.Generally, whenever Christie tries to get into international conspiracy/thriller territory rather than murder/mysteries, it becomes ridiculous.

Frankfurt was much more condemnatory of the children these days with their murder and long hair than this one, but the slight touches upon that theme are the books low point to my taste.If you can possibly imagine these books as being part of a continuum of a writing career that spanned fifty years instead of just as something that ought to be as good as her best stuff, this book will hold interest - it is a fascinating glimpse into the way the human mind eventually weakens with age, for one.

That sounds frightfully rude, and I do not mean it to be so, but there you are.For another, this book was notable to me because it is about 90% dialog. People say she dictated these later books into tape recorders to be typed up, so that would explain that little bit of trivia.The presence of Hannibal the dog really makes me wish that Christie had written an animal story at some point.

She did a good job with a dog character in Dumb Witness, as well - she had a real knack for that sort of thing.By all means do not read this book first if youve never read Christie. Dont read it second or third or even twentieth. But dont decide to never read it if youve read most of her stuff, because not everything has to be And Then There Were None to be worth reading, and Christies worst is still more entertaining than a lot of other peoples best.

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